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The Essay Writing Process - College Level Essay Writing

The college essay writing sample that is often handed out to students has no set format. It is the essay writer's job to do his or her best to make it as personal and unique as possible, while also following the guidelines laid out by the college. The essay writing sample offered by most schools is not a one size fits all form. Each school has its own particularities in terms of its student body and so the requirements for writing the essay will differ.

A good way to begin the essay is with a personal introduction. This is where the writer has an opportunity to explain themselves and their motivation for writing the essay. It could also be a chance for the writer to talk about why they are choosing a certain college over another. Most colleges will ask for some information about the student such as their hobbies and extracurricular activities. The more information that a student provides the better chance there would be of getting into that particular college.

One of the most important parts of the college essay writing sample is the body of the essay. This is the meat of the essay and it is usually written in the third person. This is usually a summary of what has been written in the introduction. The author's name is generally spelled out in this manner at the beginning of the essay. After the name comes the topic of the essay, the primary reason for choosing the college, the point that conclusion, and a few concluding words.

Many times students need to use a personal opinion in the essay. When this is the case it is best to use the essay writing sample that is provided by the college instead of writing your own essay. The essay writing samples that are provided usually have some predetermined paragraphs that the writer must follow. The writer simply follows these instructions and makes sure to format the essay in accordance with the specific format laid out by the college. If the essay is too long or contains grammatical errors, the writer may find their grade lowered. If the essay is not wordy enough, the professor may decide to ask for a re-write.

A college level essay normally has four major sections. These are the Introduction, Body, Conclusion and finally the Reasons arguments. When a student chooses to write their own essay they should follow the format given out by the college. Usually a student will be asked to begin their essay with an introduction.

The introduction is used to catch the reader's attention. It is the first paragraph of the college essay and the student should give their opinion on why they chose a certain college over another. They can go into great detail about the class they liked and how difficult the courses were. They can also tell why they believe that a certain aspect of the curriculum is not up to par.

The body of the essay is the meat of the essay. This is the body of text that appears throughout the entire college course. It consists of a main argument of the writer that they can elaborate on throughout the rest of the essay. Sometimes a writer is allowed to write a small paragraph about their personal experience that helps to support their main point. This part is extremely important to the reader, because it gives the reader a glimpse into the writer's world and what makes them tick.

The last part of the college essay writing is the reason's arguments. This is the peace that comes after the main body of text. The essay writer is allowed to use any form of writing in this part of the essay as long as they allow for proper citation of sources. The reasoning part of the essay is extremely important to the quality of the essay. Students are required to support their reason with multiple examples using specific language. The essay writer needs to take time to really think about what they are saying because if they don't they may find that their essay is rejected from the competition.

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